On behalf of all that are involved in HOPEthiopia we would like to welcome you to our official website. HOPEthiopia is a non profit organisation that cares for orphan children and homeless retired pastors in Ethiopia, Africa. We are involved in building communities and raising leaders of the next generation in an environment of love, hope, and restoration.

It is our hope that this website will provide the necessary information about our mission and vision, as well as inform those that are interested on updates on the different projects that are underway.

Ethiopia is a truly blessed land with incredible beauty, great cultural and natural diversity, as well as a heritage that spans two millennia. However, this has come at great cost with the recent HIV/aids epidemic, the great numbers of orphans, and other natural disasters. It is with great enthusiasm that we come alongside the Ethiopian people to provide help in the form of restoration of the people and the land.

With much love,
Melaku Kessaye, Ralph Dubienski, Wayne King Cofounders of Hopethiopia



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