Hopethiopia is an organisation that will rely heavily on those that will spend their time, talents, energy, as well as financially contribute to the many different projects that make up Hopethiopia. There are 4 main categories where individuals or groups will be able chose from in deciding how to volunteer with Hopethiopia. + The Community project. This project is responsible for taking care of the orphaned children as well as the homeless retired pastors. Initial needs are for help with building projects of the homes as well as the volunteer mission residences. Other immediate needs will be for drilling water wells as well as constructing roads for the project lands. There will be many other needs as the project grows ranging from the schools, health care facilities, church, sports facilities etc. For a detailed overview of all the different services please follow the link to project details. Many volunteers will be required in the construction phases for each project as well as in teaching, management, and longer term assistance in each area. + The Agricultural project. There are two components that will assist in the self sustainability concept for such a project. A) Home gardens to allow each home in a cluster to grow its own food. B) Larger scale mixed farm. Here crops and animals will be grown to provide for the needs of Hopethiopia as well as for the surrounding community. We will need many volunteers to help plant and maintain these gardens as well as to help develop the farming project and provide expertise. + The Reforestation project. Due to a great need for reforestation in Ethiopia, Hopethiopia is committed to providing a large scale reforestation project that will restore the health and beauty of the land. Many volunteers will be required to help out in the many aspects of this project. + The Peace Garden project. Hopethiopia would like to assist in restoring the incredible biodiversity of Ethiopia. A large scale Peace Garden is planned that will require volunteers in the many required areas ranging from; species collection, planting, maintaining and managing, as well as providing technical expertise for such a project. As we are in the initial stages of developing Hopethiopia we are developing a data base for all of the volunteer opportunities that will arise. Some of these opportunities will be more immediate and postings for these needs will be outlined on this website as they arise. We encourage all those that are interested to register with our website so that we can keep you in touch with needs as they develop. Please review the website regularly as we will have to opportunity to assist you in making travel plans in the future. There may be the possibility of discounted travel allowances as well as accommodation and transportation information.



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