The spiritual development of both children and adults, including staff, will be of great importance in fostering the atmosphere desired for the HOPEthiopia project. Internal human issues of struggle are the same no matter who you are or where you are located—hopelessness, faith, poor self image, purpose and meaning, identity—and can be dealt with when understanding of God’s love is made pure and honest. As such, truthful and consistent teaching/application of Christian values throughout the HOPEthiopia project will be necessary. Connection with the local and national church will be vital in providing adequate support both as a physical community and for prayer and spiritual covering. International church involvement will also be important for the provision of mission teams, training, volunteer workers and staff, as well as for financial support. Action items which will help accomplish the goals outlined for the spiritual direction program are as follow • Provision of suitable Biblical lessons and training for children • Experts of Biblical teaching will be invited as guest speakers to provide additional and supplementary insight • Staff members and children will participate in “family” devotions together • Teaching about the concepts of generosity and servanthood • Visitations to other churches and schools for spiritual education purposes • Bible camps will be held periodically in which HOPEthiopia children, as well as children from surrounding communities, may learn about the love of God • Establishment of an onsite church to provide ministry and guidance to the HOPEthiopia community, as well as to surrounding communities • Encouragement of members to participate in daily praise and worship • Provision of materials for Bible studies, which will be held by HOPEthiopia staff members Persons responsible: the director, HOPEthiopia pastor, retired senior pastors, staff members



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