For the orphans of Ethiopia to become well-integrated into society, their social development is paramount. As such, the HOPEthiopia environment will be closely linked to surrounding communities such that any resulting benefits might be mutual. Just as HOPEthiopia members will be given many opportunities to experience and learn from surrounding communities through weekly interactions and field trips, the Ethiopian community as a whole will benefit from the integration of good citizens back into society. Another important element for social development is that the children of HOPEthiopia will, at the appropriate age, participate in local and international mission trips. These cross-cultural journeys will serve two purposes: firstly, to serve others who are less fortunate, and secondly, to provide HOPEthiopia members with a well-rounded global perspective. In this way, the children will experience the joy of sharing their love with other people. Persons responsible: the director, teachers, staff members



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