Given the scope of this project, there will be a number of phases during which each component will be built. Upon completion, “Project 1” will be an environment that will be home for 200 children, ranging in age from babies to 18 year olds, as well as up to 50 retired citizens. It will be necessary to design the cluster model of homes slowly so there is adequate time for training of house parents, nannies, staff and facility personnel. Furthermore, adequate time allotment will permit fundraising for the project and training of volunteer groups who assist in HOPEthiopia’s construction. A tentative timeline for completion of “Project 1” may be somewhere in the 5 to 10 year timeframe depending upon the above variables. With success of the project, timelines may be shortened and accelerated with experience and necessary resources. In order to accommodate the 200 children and 50 seniors, at least 25 homes of 8 children per home would be required, as well as 5 - 10 homes of 5 seniors per home. This would allow a plan footprint of 5 clusters of residences and associated requirements. The total community development would be situated on a 1000 acre site which would allow for adequate design and planning as well as expansion for the future projects. A desire would be to able to provide electrical power to each building, possibly in the form of solar renewable energy, as well as other conventional sources. Water would also be available either to each cluster of homes or to a central community area that would be easily accessible to all homes. Sanitation requirements would also be designed for each home as well as the project site community. In addition to the clusters of homes, other buildings, facilities, and resources would be required. The following will outline the possibilities for the HOPEthiopia project: 1000 Acre Community Area Community dining hall and multipurpose facility – this facility would provide an environment for daily gatherings at mealtimes as well as an indoor facility for group meetings etc. A proposed seating capacity for 400 people is envisioned. Church – This is an extremely important aspect of the community and will incorporate the HOPEthiopia community as well as the surrounding local environment. School – This will be available to the project children initially and will grow as required adding grades as the students mature in age Sports facilities – at least 2 full size football fields will be built allowing for tournaments to be played with local communities which will enhance integration into the surrounding environment as well as provide an important national destination for sports and training. Mission’s center – many mission volunteers will be required for the HOPEthiopia project both during the building and training phases as well as to provide workers and educators. It is proposed that this centre will be able to accommodate up to 50 individuals Guest home facility – this could be a facility that would accommodate visitors as well as additional volunteers Medical / Dental center – this would be an important part of the hub of the community and would allow for services to the extended local community Youth and adult camp – this would allow for retreats and training of individuals in a fun and challenging environment College – once children have graduated from the high school on site at HOPEthiopia, this would provide them with an environment for higher education Leadership training centre – this would be a facility in which to train up leaders and provide them with the tools and resources to make an impact locally, nationally, and internationally Trades school – trades are always in great demand and this facility would serve to train up those that have a desire and interest to be involved in the many trades. Arts school – this facility would encourage the arts: music, writing, drama, dance and would train up individuals for productions as well as serve as a source of revenue to help with the many projects and facilities Retreat center – this facility would be for spiritual retreats and conferences Prayer centre – this would be a vital component of HOPEthiopia serving as a centre to train up those with a heart for prayer, as well as to teach and encourage a devoted prayer life and provide an environment for peace and quiet meditation Crafts center – this facility would provide a place for those to learn and excel at local and international crafts and be a place for selling of these wares Technology center – a centre for technology excellence would exist to train up those that wish to learn the different technologies such as: computer, audio, video, web design, broadcasting, graphic design, etc. Micro finance centre – this would be a centre for training in the principles of micro credit, providing of loans, and teaching how to use and save money. Loans would also be provided for use by qualified individuals Media center – this would be a place for local production and broadcasting Fishing pond – to help in the areas of self sufficiency and aid in providing a fun environment, a fishing pond would exist



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