Planning is a critical step for an organization. Good management brings success as planned goals and objectives are achieved. This is especially true for a social welfare organization building and operating a children’s’ home and seniors’ retirement centre, with all the associated and anticipated services and facilities. To effectively manage a diverse project such as HOPEthiopia, many factors need to be considered, such as: planning, budgeting, design, operations, and management. Below is a series of critical objectives and intended activities as HOPEthiopia envisages moving forward. Objectives The overall objective of our project management is to support the work of HOPEthiopia, which includes focusing on effective management of people and resources while striving to meet planned goals and objectives. Below is a list of critical project management items: • Management Program, • Salary and welfare of the staff, • Training for staff, • Selection of staff including director, house parents and nannies, facility manager, teachers, and workers, • Payment of healthcare costs and supplies, • Budgeting costs of building and operations, • Design, architecture, and planning of HOPEthiopia projects, • Payment and integration of communications, • Payment for utilities, electricity, and water, • Cost of office supplies, • Public relations expense, • Expenses for visitors, • Cost for legal and accounting services, • Cost for maintenance of building, vehicles, and equipment, • Transportation, • Fundraising and NGO development and implementation. Intended Activities HOPEthiopia will plan the project and facility design through extensive planning sessions both in Canada and Ethiopia once the land site has been selected. Teams from EMI Canada will be sent to survey and design the land in conjunction with consultation of the appropriate parties involved. Design will be conducted in a timeline map with projections on buildings, land development and required services, and recommendations will be made as to the best use of resources. Appropriate individuals will be contacted and employed if necessary to perform the required activities in item 1 above. The Director and staff members will meet and provide input to the next year's plan. The Director will develop a budget to meet the planned goals and objectives. All activities for the year will be conducted in accordance with the budget and the plan. Throughout the year and at year end, the outcome of all activities will be evaluated against the budget and plan, and any lessons learned will be used to improve future management of operations. Person(s) responsible • HOPEthiopia Board of Directors Canada and Ethiopia • HOPEthiopia Project Director • HOPEthiopia House Committee • HOPEthiopia House Staff



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