Children and staff of HOPEthiopia will be provided with a comprehensive care program that includes training in proper personal healthcare and hygiene, as well as regular medical/dental checkups, including vaccinations. There will also be a focus on total preventive health and wellness in which spiritual, physical, social, and emotional care are taken into consideration. The children will be healthy because they receive proper care, eat healthy and nutritional meals, and are taught to exercise regularly. The following action items outline how this program will be implemented: • Children will learn basic knowledge as to how to care for themselves (making beds, folding clothes, taking showers, washing hair, cleaning nails, brushing teeth, etc.) • Staff members and cooks will learn to provide healthy meals, emphasizing overall balance, variety, and nutritional value of ingredients • Staff members and cooks will learn proper cooking techniques, and receive training in kitchen safety and hygienic preparation • Children, seniors, and staff members will be trained to exercise every day, including activities such as jogging and walking, stretching, cycling, and a variety of sports such as soccer and table tennis • Staff members will be trained to provide minor medical care such as cleaning wounds or dispensing basic medicine Persons responsible: the director, dietary staff, cooks, all full/part-time staff, volunteers



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