The community development project* is made up of two main areas: Ethiopia’s Orphans: Due to the large number of orphaned children in Ethiopia and the need to provide care and training for them, HOPEthiopia will offer a ‘Home’ environment, founded upon strong Christian principles, in which these children can be brought up. As they receive love, care, and security, they will develop their own God-given potential to become the leaders of the next generation Ethiopia’s Homeless and Abandoned Pastors: This group is made up of elderly pastors who have spent their lives in full-time ministry, but are now without adequate resources for their retirement. HOPEthiopia will provide an environment in which their dignity and wellbeing can be restored. By focusing on their health, spiritual, and social needs, it is believed that these senior citizens will be rightly honored. *Studies have shown this mixing of the young and the elderly is an integral pattern for strong community and individual development.



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