Creating homes for orphans and homeless and abandoned elderly.


Developing home gardens and sustainable mixed farming.


Planting millions of trees and bringing back biodiversity to the region.

Peace Gardens

Peace, beauty and life are found in joyous planting of beautiful flowers.


HOPEthiopia is committed to the restoration of both the people and the land of Ethiopia. This will be accomplished by the implementation of four distinct project initiatives, each working together to produce a hopeful nation.


The mission of HOPEthiopia is twofold: firstly, to raise Ethiopian children into citizens with exceptional moral standards and strength of character; and secondly, to restore the values of purpose and dignity to the lives of Ethiopia’s homeless pastors.


HOPEthiopia will provide care and love to orphaned children and homeless retired pastors in the nation of Ethiopia. HOPEthiopia emphasizes the educational, physical, social, and spiritual needs of the individuals who call it “home”. It is the vision of HOPEthiopia to enable the people living therein to grow into confident and fulfilled Christian leaders, contributing to the well-being of Ethiopia.

Getting Involved

Bringing Hope and Transforming a Community

There are so many ways in which you can get involved. First and foremost, you can keep Ethiopia in your prayers. Pray for the kids, the elderly, the house parents and the volunteers. You can also get involved by joining a volunteer trip. We have several dozen trips throughout the year. Finally you can get involved by being a fund raising partner. Whether you want to help organize fund raising events or you want to commit to donating regularly - every penny makes a difference.

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